About Us

Mission Statement and Overview


The mission of CADis ltd. is to provide electronic and computer services, protect the environment, and promote recycling and reuse in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.


OVERVIEW – CADis ltd. in a nutshell

CADis ltd. is a multi-faceted company.
Not only do we perform inexpensive computer and notebook repairs, but we also collect E-Waste (old electronic and computer goods) for re-use and/or recycling.  If you are interested in having a recycling event, we could arrange to have a truck on-site to perform collections.
If you would like to arrange a pickup or dropoff, please feel free to contact us, or simply complete the Pickup Request form for E-Waste our home-page.

We would be most happy to pickup your old electronic and computer goods at no charge or for a minimal cost.

We have been serving the GTA for over 25 years!

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